Welcome to the POOLSAFE project     



The POOLSAFE partners are from Research and Technological Development Centres (RTDs) and  small/medium enterprises (SMEs) located in Spain, Ireland, France and Portugal.

POOLSAFE will provide an effective and efficient solution to the cyanuric acid (CYA) problem through the development of a soft sensor to monitor the levels of CYA and other pool water quality parameters, as well as a simple, cost-effective method for degrading excess CYA, using photocatalysis.

POOLSAFE will reduce the environmental impact of swimming pool maintenance by eliminating the need to periodically replace the pool water, provide improved safety to bathers by ensuring that chlorine lock and the subsequent lack of sanitation is prevented, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations for pool water.

The research leading to POOLSAFE results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by the REA – Research Executive Agency (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement N.604884.

The project started on the 1st of July 2014 and will finish on the 30th of June 2016.