The POOLSAFE consortium includes research and industrial partners

Partner 1 - Project Coordinator and SME partner - Diasa Industrial S.A



 DIASA is a technological SME devoted to innovation, investigation and development in the chemical field. Diasa works directly in Spain and Portugal markets and also with several distributors in Europe and other parts of the world.

Diasa group has a company in Peru called DIASA PERU SAC, located in Lima in order to commercialize its products in South America, a commercial office in Shanghai and a company located in Hong-Kong to import - export its products "IMPORT & EXPORT LIMITED". It also has a laboratory in Spain "Laboratorios LAC", and other companies like DIASA EXPORTA -2.

Their steady economic growth during the last few years has taken DIASA from a national to an international company, and they now have over 3000 customers in a lot of different countries. They collaborate actively in R&D projects with official organizations and private companies, allowing the company to constantly bring new products and services onto the market. The swimming pool water treatment division is the department of DIASA has shown the most growth in recent years. With more than 20 years’ experience in the world of swimming pools, DIASA manufactures and distributes chemical products and machinery for the treatment of swimming pool water, as well as analysing water quality and providing a consultancy service to its clients.

Partner 2 (SME) T.E. Laboratories Ltd., (TelLab) Ireland


T.E. Laboratories (TelLab) is a multidivisional environmental monitoring company. T.E. Laboratories was established in 1991. Divisions include an environmental testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 standard, R&D, oil testing and chemical manufacturing and distribution. T.E. Laboratories employ highly qualified technical staff and their facilities include specialist laboratory equipment and workspaces. They are currently involved in several funded projects as both partner and coordinator. These projects include several FP7 projects and nationally funded projects.

Partner 3 (SME): Euro Filtr'eaux (FILT) - France


FILT is an SME which sells a patented process for the treatment of domestic hot water called the CACF. It is an environmentally friendly multi-action water treatment method which does not change the chemical composition of the water. The innovative process prevents limestone deposits and de-scales encrusted water circuits. It also prevents corrosion and algae and fights against legionella.In addition, FILT makes its own de-scaling products and sells them to heating fitters and to the maintenance services of various industries. They have a team of designers and technicians who participate in R&D activities to create new products adapted to the needs of the target industry. 

Partner 4 (LE): Ociosport (OCIO)



OCIO is an SME founded in 1993 and dedicated to provision of management services to public and private entities. The company originated in response to the growing need for public administrations to outsource the management of their sports facilities, and they have grown steady to become a company with a national reputation. Since then have expanded their services to include other areas and the services they currently provide include general management of sports facilities, building and facilities maintenance, management of sports activities and food services, and technical assistance and consultancy. In this role, the maintenance and management of swimming pools forms an integral part of their business. In addition to managing other sports centres, OCIO manages 8 municipal sports centres in 4 Spanish autonomous communities.

Partner 5 (RTD): Instituto de Biologia Experimental Tecnológica (IBET) - Portugal


Research activities: IBET is a private non-profit research institute which provides cutting-edge applied research and collaborative support to the industry in the specialist fields of Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Engineering. It is engaged in a wide range of research activities, as well as providing laboratory, technical and consultancy services to many industries including biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food and chemical. IBET’s mission is to create, implement and transfer scientific knowledge for the benefit of society by translating knowledge created by Research Institutes and into a focused and efficient industrial process.

Over the years, IBET has established a worldwide network of knowledge with industry and academia through participation in R&D projects, research contracts and other partnerships. IBET has a long experience in the development of on-line monitoring systems in real-scale applications and has been involved in R&D projects for implementation of these advanced monitoring devices, data acquisition and development of algorithms for process control. IBET uses multivariate statistical analysis to develop robust systems that allow for process monitoring, decision and control. IBET scientific excellence is demonstrated by its collaboration with big names such as Bayer and Merck and the large number of patents and spin-off companies originating from its research, as well as its extensive list of scientific publications

Partner 6 (RTD): Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia (INSP)


Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia (INSP) is a private research center located in Madrid and Rioja regions. From the beginning of its business activity, INSP’s objective has been to serve as a strategic ally in helping European SMEs to identify and develop innovative new products and services. INSP plays an active part in the complete development cycle, from the validation of ideas, to the search for industrial and technological partners on a European level and the basic research required to bring the new technologies onto the market. Their areas of expertise in the research field are Advanced Materials,

Computational Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Industrial Control, and Intelligent Systems, and they complement this expertise through collaboration with research partners throughout Europe. In particular, Inspiralia’s Advanced Materials Group is a multi-disciplinary team with more than 35 years of combined experience in delivering R&D to the industry in the technological fields of, among others, the synthesis of photo catalytic TiO2 nanoparticles, micro and nanoencapsulation of organic and inorganic particles. In the last 5 years, INSP has participated in more than 30 research project on a European level and been instrumental in and helped to bringing a number of new products onto the market.